Monday, December 9, 2013

Free Printable Gift tags

Enjoy these FREE PRINTABLE GIFT TAGS to beautify your gift wrapping or even use them as a garland or an ornament to make your home or Christmas tree festive!

Cut out each one individually or cut 2 sections and fold in half to use as a gift tag. Hole punch at the top, and attach it to your presents with some twine or some sparkly yarn!

To make this in to an ornament, cut all around the outside of the artwork, then fold "accordian" style along each line of the artwork. Next, glue each segment together on the back and it will create a 5-point ornament. (see pic below) Hole punch at the top and hang it from your tree with yarn or ribbon or twine. I like to add tassels or puff balls at the ends to make it extra fancy!

Download the files here and start crafting!

A great color combo for wrapping- gold, blank, + white! Don't forget to add my printable gift tags, some pom poms, tassels, and somethin' sparkly!

Add a little surprise tissue paper fringe inside!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Ornaments & Gift ideas

Hello Himelli! Get the how-to video here. I added a copper-painted egg filled with Chia to mine! Instant planter!
Walnut shell photo frames- just add some trim around the edge of the shell and create a loop for hanging! Then add your favorite photo and maybe even a small banner with the year on it, and you'll have it for years to come! Here's one I made a few years back...

God's eye ornament! Love these! Get the how-to here.
Get your neon on!!!! This year, I've been a little craft happy.... My girls and I made lots of Perler bead ornaments and I made an icicle version as well! We also made some bright letter monograms with yarn and pom poms and my girls braided some bright yarn that I added to the tree to make it super colorful! And I got out the felt mistletoe I had made last year- still super cute! {link here} Hope this inspires you to add some color to your Christmas tree!
Here's a little gift for teacher or as a small gift for the party hostess!
These are recycled tea tins covered in old sweater sleeves and pistachio "flowers".
And every kid needs a pom pom sweater!! All you need is a hot glue gun and some colorful trim!
Ooooh! Create an indoor light display with some strands of lights and some big glass vases!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FREE Thanksgiving Paper Goodies

Free Printables to put some "sparkle" in your Thanksgiving celebrations!
{This is my way of saying "thank you" for supporting me and my design work!}

Use these for favors, place settings, name tags, home decor, classroom parties, or
just for fun to keep the kids busy while the grown-ups pig out on Thanksgiving day!

Download the files here.

More Thanksgiving craft ideas!

Ships and teepees for centerpieces
Popcorn filled paper bag "turkey leg" favors
Pumpkin placeholders
Arrow treat bags

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Photography Website Design

 Website Design Project for Jen CYK Photography

I'm super excited to share a recent project of mine that definitely took long hours to create! There's as much love put in to this site as there were mouse clicks! Jen Hrycyk, is not only a great friend that I've known for years & years, but she also happens to be an amazingly talented photographer at Jen CYK Photography! Over the years, I've helped her with branding material- business cards, and other marketing tools. So when she needed an "update" to her website, I was soooo excited that she asked me for help! I knew I wanted to make it fresh and modern and reflect her vibrant, positive, magnetic personality as well as showcase her beautiful photography style and brand image!

And special thanks to the very talented Melissa of Jelly Design Studio for translating my designs into an awesome and functional site!

Check out the finished product HERE and have fun clicking around and getting to know Jen through her gorgeous images {and her great blog posts- they're always a great read!}

By the way- how much do you LOOOOVE her teeny favicon (the pic that shows up on the tab in your browser!)??? Too cute, right?


And how cool is the new branding package that was inspired by her site!? The newly-designed business cards, stickers, and notecards will make her clients happy! Yay for fun packaging!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I'm a graphic artist specializing in Life Branding- customized printable paper goods inspired by you and your life! I would LOVE to work with you to help express your style- things you love and are inspired by- through design to make your special events more amazing and memorable! My work ranges from custom invitations to logo packages to website design. Contact me at deannamooredesign@gmail.com so we can share ideas about ways I can help to brand your life’s next project!

Thanks for visiting my site- this is my creative outlet- a part of my life that brings me so much happiness. I LOVE sharing what I create from DIY craft projects, home decor, party ideas and printables, and of course my latest Life Branding projects! I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to create something you love!


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Since I can remember, I've had a strong need to be creative. As a child, I would spend countless hours cutting, gluing, drawing, and crafting all sorts of artwork. I later developed my talents through years of school as well as through the working world as a graphic artist. When I became a full time “stay at home mom”, I knew I still had a strong need for a creative outlet but now had a new focus in mind- my beautiful daughters! I put my creative energy in to making their birthday celebrations extra special- using them as my inspiration!

I've taken on countless design projects for friends and family for their weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries... and have found something I truly love to do! I love working with people to help them express their personal style in their life events through design. It's so amazing that my art is being utilized and appreciated in such a personal way! Life Branding is my passion- I still get that feeling of excitement with each and every project I take on and I can't wait work with you so we can share that excitement!


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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013


{Click the links to see the post!}

Contact paper photo wall . DIY succulent centerpieces . Geometric hanging planter . Blingy Succulent Bouquet . Monogrammed Pillow
{Click the links to see the post!}

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Definitely check out my Flickr Portfolio page to see my designs! You'll find that my work ranges from floral design & dessert displays to crafts & decor to web design & brand identity AND of course lots of party printables! Be sure to contact me with ANY questions or ideas you may have about your project- I would LOVE to collaborate with you to tell your visual story in a beautiful way through creativity and good design.

Read more ABOUT ME and Life Branding here.

Don't forget to visit me on Etsy to see my selection of customizable party printables!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creepy Crawlies Edition


A black design for printing on any paper color of your choice- kraft always look good or try neons- hot orange, neon green, bright pink are all perfect for Halloween!! This design looks great on white paper, too for a bold graphic look!

print on stickie paper or cardstock
for goody bags + treats! 
2 versions- military green or white:

Some fun Halloween craft ideas:

I remember making these when I was little! These make the perfect Halloween spider webs! I added a little sparkle to them with some gold yarn- and tried a neon orange version, too!

I used this video for a how-to refresher on how to make these. It's BEYOND easy but I tried to get my girls (3 & 6 yrs old) to make them and they didn't have the patience for it. Mommy had to help finish them... which I didn't mind. :)

 I love seeing these around my home- I might even have to keep them around after the holiday is over (minus the spider)!


You need:

*parchment paper

*hot glue sticks

*hot glue gun


Start by drawing your web with a pencil on your parchment paper.

Next, flip the parchment paper over- we want to see the drawing but we don't want the pencil lead to stick to your glue

 Start the glue on the outsides of the staight lines, and cross in the center so there isn't a big blob in the center. Then do the curved lines connecting each straight one.

Once it's cooled down a minute or so, remove from the parchment and stick on to your window right away! ***I found that when I removed the web from the window later, it would not stick back on. (I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for why this happens.) If it doesn't stick, just use it as a table decoration or hang with fishing string.

You can vary this in so many ways- you could add glitter (before the glue cools).. or is there such thing as glow in the dark glue? Or you could cover it with paint!!! By the way- I loathe the strings that happen when I use a glue gun, but this time I thought it suited the "web" theme and I didn't bother taking them off!

And don't forget to add a fake spider! :)

yes, it's poseable!

You need:
plastic spoons
pipe cleaners
hot glue
yarn or anything mummy-like
{I used "fleece" yarn from the yarn
section of my local craft store)

Hot glue the arms and legs on to the spoon and bend them to have elbow and knee joints and hands and feet- this will help keep the yarn from falling off the arms and legs. Next, I attached the end of the yarn to the mummy's "head" so that it wouldn't slip off the end of the spoon when the kids got started)

Have the kids wrap the mummy up and tie a double knot at the end. Then, just add some google eyes! A fun, poseable, bendable toy for them to play with or add to your Halloween decorations!


You can't just have "plain" pbj sandwiches this time of year- this is super easy to do! I recommend using frozen bread to start with to make it easier to make "sharp" edges. Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth on one slice of bread (I happened to have a traingle-shaped tart cutter that was the perfect size for the eyes and nose). Use a sharp knife to cut out the mouth shape. Next, spread the pb and j on the other slice of bread (jelly up or peanut butter up, either way it'll be yummy). Put the slices together and cut the crust off making a rounded pumpkin shape. Use a piece of the crust as the stem by tucking in between the 2 slices. The last thing I did, was decorate the ziploc baggie with a sharpie to give the jack-o-lantern a costume! This will definitely make your kiddies smile!


I've been snapping these on to everything- curtains, shelves, my kids ankles, wrists, shoulders...

To make this furry thing {we decided to call it a baby werewolf}, I purchased a snap bracelet ($1 at Target) and added felt pieces, google eyes, and a pom pom nose with hot glue. I plan to make a black rat version for my daughter to wear with her vampire costume, too! I love Halloween- it's an excuse to make silly crafts like this!!