Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mini storage for crafts

 Here's a way to store all your tiny craft items- I bought this spice rack with 12 spice bottles at a rummage sale for $1- can't beat that!  Maybe I'll actually paint it like I had first planned and hang it on the wall some day...  The things I would be able to do if I had more time!

Another re-used item... this old drawer organizer is now a wall display for my spools of thread (not that I sew) but it adds color to the room and it's there if I ever decide to abandon my hot glue gun and use my sewing machine!  :)  It's fun to dig through your garage (or garage sales) and find something you can use in a new way.

pat + julie's wedding event

This was such a great celebration to be a part of and I'm so happy to see it published and recognized for how beautiful it all was.  The location was amazing and the photographs really captured the gorgeous setting.  Check out more photos of their wedding here.  Also, to see the entire invite package I created for them, click here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vivi's play room

So it's actually both of the girls' play room but right now we just say "yes, Vivi,  it's your room."  :)  I had fun with a hot glue gun and lots of felt!  I covered an ottoman (bottom right corner in pic) with brown felt to look like bark and did rings on the top so it resembled a tree stump.  (I have a little obsession with tree stumps.)  I also made some hanging flower balls since our little girl LOVES flowers!  Oh- and I made our lava lamp packaging that was really tall and skinny and round in to a log that's sitting on top of the bookshelf.

Another fun idea:  I collected pillows and hung them on the wall above the bed as a display.  I took a lot of her baby stuff and random small pillows we had accumulated and covered them in felt in the color scheme of the room.

Also, she has tons of play food and I had bought a ton of multicolored yarn bits at a yard sale for 50 cents and she uses them as spaghetti or whatever else comes to mind when she's pretending.  Today she used the yarn as a party popper and it also doubled as something that killed an evil witch and "made her disappear FOREVER!!!!"

Vivi LOVES her play room but I think I might love it even more than her!


Why not use a sad, discarded ping pong ball or wiffle ball and turn it in to something beautiful!?  Or even an old soap refill container.  It could be a great gift for a friend or a great way to add life to your cubicle.  Something fun to see perched in your window sill...  It's so fun to be surrounded by plants.  AND I love the idea of using things that are headed for the trash and challenging myself to make it useful.  Hope you like these ideas- think twice about things you throw away- you could turn so many things in to a home for a little plant friend of yours.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Branding

I offer wedding services ranging from print-your-own stock designs to completely customized monograms, invitations, stationery, anything you may need!  And of course, there's also the events that lead up to the wedding day that you may need help with as well!  Contact me to discuss your project!

More images on Flickr

Here is a link to my Flickr page, where I'm always posting samples of my latest projects! Feel free to explore and contact me with your design questions.