Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Graphic "faux frosted glass" >>> with contact paper!

[GRAPHIC WINDOWS]Try this super easy way to make your windows look like etched glass! I needed a solution to create a bit more privacy on our front door. I considered etching the glass panels then realized I could just recreated the same look with clear contact paper (I obsessively collect cheap rolls of contact paper from the dollar store just in case I think of a random use for it.) I love how versatile the material can be and this is yet another functional use for it in my own home- you should definitely try it in yours!

I chose to do a loose triangular pattern of large and small triangles since they are sooo easy to cut out and didn't require the use of stencils. Plus, I thought it sort of mimics the triangular details on the bottom portion of the door. But there are endless possibilities for the designs you could come up with to make your windows beautiful and interesting! This is one of those little things that make my day even happier- I smile every time I walk by!


  1. Thanks for this great post. This is my first time I visit here and I like it very much. Sandblasted glass..