Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Ornaments & Gift ideas

Hello Himelli! Get the how-to video here. I added a copper-painted egg filled with Chia to mine! Instant planter!
Walnut shell photo frames- just add some trim around the edge of the shell and create a loop for hanging! Then add your favorite photo and maybe even a small banner with the year on it, and you'll have it for years to come! Here's one I made a few years back...

God's eye ornament! Love these! Get the how-to here.
Get your neon on!!!! This year, I've been a little craft happy.... My girls and I made lots of Perler bead ornaments and I made an icicle version as well! We also made some bright letter monograms with yarn and pom poms and my girls braided some bright yarn that I added to the tree to make it super colorful! And I got out the felt mistletoe I had made last year- still super cute! {link here} Hope this inspires you to add some color to your Christmas tree!
Here's a little gift for teacher or as a small gift for the party hostess!
These are recycled tea tins covered in old sweater sleeves and pistachio "flowers".
And every kid needs a pom pom sweater!! All you need is a hot glue gun and some colorful trim!
Ooooh! Create an indoor light display with some strands of lights and some big glass vases!

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