Friday, January 27, 2012

My other side proj- making planters!

This one is special to me since it came from my Grandma-in-law's house. My husband's grandmother Ruth lived in the same quaint house in Garden Grove while raising her 7 kids. She was married close to 70 years to her husband Herb and I am so inspired by their love for each other- even through Alzheimer's disease. They have an amazing family that I'm lucky to be a part of. So this planter was once a light fixture swagged on a chain from the ceiling of their Garden Grove home. It was a funny blue and white until I sprayed it with orange spray paint- my color of choice these days. I tucked some plants in to the holes and have yet to add a large plant to the opening in the top- maybe some day! Thank you, Grandma Ruth!

This was a $7 swap meet purchase. It's a fishing net that I thought would be cool as a planter- so here it is doing well after almost a year since I planted the succis (pronounced 'suck-eez').

Here's a bird bath that was given to me by my very sweet next door neighbor Billie! It sits near our tree trunk seating area. So beautiful with the flowers blooming!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cake making!

These are the cakes I made for Vivi's 4th birthday- it was a bug party so I had to do something bug-themed, right? :)

The first one is sculpted with rice crispy treats and covered in chocolate frosting, graham cracker crumb dirt and sitting in coconut flakes that were colored with food dye. There were some candy rocks and sugar flowers and sprinkle covered rice crispy mushrooms, too! Then I added plastic ants and the birthday candles (the only non-edible parts of the cake)!

This cake was super easy! I cut donuts in half and lined them up on a large platter to look like a creepy crawly centipede. The legs were pretzel sticks and I used marshmallows and sprinkles for the happy bug's face!

It definitely brought a smile to the kiddies! They were all sooooo excited to eat it!

More Bug Out party pics!

And here's last year's "blue party" that was also made of solid rice crispies! It was pretty much impossible to eat the whole thing!  Check out all the party pictures here!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shelf shiiiite

This was a great find at a garage sale- a walnut bowl with a purdy blue paint job inside. The best part is that the squirrel on top had broken off and was glued on horribly! :) Reminds me of my dad and his walnut-cracking. So I couldn't pass up the nut cracker with the snail on it for only $4 on the Anthro clearance shelf!
Finally a use for the odd glass ball I had sitting in the garage... and Vivi's leftover "grow-a-dinosaur" egg shell was the perfect little planter for our mini succulent.

another planter that hangs in our bathroom. I love looking at it every day!

We all need a felt Octopus!

My sister is a fan of octopus these days so I thought I decided to make her one as a Christmas gift. She appreciates anything I create (a proud big sis) so I dug in to my pile of craft stuff hidden in the closet and found some felt scraps and some quilting scraps the my sister had given me a while back.

I started with a photo of a real octopus and just started gettin crazy with the hot glue gun. I found the perfect buttons for the eyes and created eye sockets around them with the felt... For the "suckers" I used some frilly trim scraps I had bought at a garage sale to finish the look of the posable wire tentacles.

It was hard to give it away but I'll get to visit it and say hello whenever I see my sister!

{photos courtesy sister- Jennifer Swingle}