Saturday, July 21, 2012

{Nature Party 5th Birthday 2012}

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Nature Party invitation suite
photo by Jen CYK Photography

Nature Party invitation suite
photo by Jen CYK Photography

Nature Party invitation suite
Wildlife Field Guide - Illustrations by Vivian Moore

Vivi's 5th Birthday Party was so much fun- she truly is a nature girl at heart! Vivi is always collecting "nature" and "sciencing" it. Any new flower she finds, she is compelled to take it apart to see what's inside. Bushes, trees, flowers- are her favorite things to be surrounded by. Our car is turning in to a sort of compost pile- all the "nature" scraps are scattered along the floor. But we have to love and appreciate the excitement she has to do "research" on her found leaves, seeds, blossoms, twigs. This special 5th birthday, her love of nature was the inspiration for the party!

To see more images, check out my Flickr page as well as Jen CYK Photography!

bird house cake + edible terrarium

edible terrariums
framed flower monogram
the food spread- ya VECK"S SAIGON STREET FOOD is the best!
Banh mi sandwiches, egg rolls, and PBJ sandwiches!!!! What else do you need??? :)

bird house party favors with bird whistle inside
create-your-own trail mix station
create-your-own trail mix station

crocheted mushrooms
dessert table with mushroom strawberries, muffins, and bird house cake
plant-your-own terrarium station

Family Picture Time!

{Moore Family Tea Party + Photoshoot}
June, 2012

Family photo time- here are some images from our tea party in the lemon groves taken by Jen Cyk Photography. I thought it would be fun to make our family photoshoot more of an activity instead of just saying "smile at the camera." I brought a ton of props from home- cozy, bright-colored pillows, a blanket, a suitcase full of jewelry for getting fancified, and of course a mini tea party set for the girls to enjoy playing with!  I wanted the photos to be colorful as well as reflect things we love! Thank you, Jen- for taking beautiful pictures of my family- it was a fun and memorable night for us!

Hostess with the Mostess - a super amazing and inspiring party planning website published our tea party photoshoot (thanks to Jen for submitting the images and writing a great post to go along with it)! Check out how adorable the post turned out & recommend browsing their site- they have so many great ideas for any party theme you can imagine as well as lots of great ideas for DIY projects!!! 


Mugs made by my sister {Jennifer Swingle}. An awesome Christmas gift inspired by the Anthropologie monogrammed mugs! Love them- and they look great as decoration in my kitchen!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dough Doh

title: "Love Rectangle"
I'm suuuper lucky to have two amazing, beautiful daughters (my best design work yet)! As a stay-at-home mom to our little ones (Vivian 5 & Luella 2 1/2), I try to bring creativity to simple day-to-day things to make it more fun and exciting! There is so much you can do with a can of crescent roll dough!

and mom can have some fun with play-doh, too!!!