Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby Shower Sweetness

Pinks, peaches, blues... lace doilies, gorgeous florals, copper vessels, baskets, macrame...
so much to LOVE about this event!

A big thank you to Jen CYK Photography for capturing the party details!
And to Petals & Pop Shop for their amazing arrangements- they captured my vision perfectly!
They took my random assortment of spray-painted vessels, baskets, macrame plant holders,
and a hula hoop, and turned them in to beautiful works of art!

Check out some of the details below and click here to view the event gallery.

Yes, this is the hula hoop covered in eucalyptus leaves and hung with macrame!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Egg Piñata with Free Printable!

Turn your Easter eggs in to these Mini Piñatas!
photos by Jen CYK Photography


No need to hard boil the eggs, just poke a small hole in one side, drain, and rinse with hot soapy water. Dry thoroughly, then add confetti, sprinkles, small candies, chenille chicks, glitter, dried flower blooms, or even a secret message on a small strip of paper {have fun with this part!!!} Patch up the hole with washi tape or tissue paper, then adorn with pretty fringed tissue paper or crepe paper strips.

Next, print out this FREE PRINTABLE I created just for you to make the festive cones for your piñata! Cut out each shape and roll it in to a cone and secure with a tape roller. Hot glue some yarn fluffs or more fringed tissue paper pieces in to the pointed ends of the cones. Make sure to have a loop in one of the cones as the top of the piñata for hanging. Then attach the fancy cones to the egg with hot glue in any placement you'd like. Be sure to add the one with the loop to the top of your egg!

Jen CYK Photographyhttp://www.jencyk.com/
So of course you'll need a fancy bat to help you crack open your adorable egg! I purchased some wood dowels from a local dollar store craft section. Just wrap with some yarn {secured with hot glue} and maybe add some of the fringed tissue paper and you have the perfect {+ beautiful} egg smasher!!

Have fun finding the hidden surprises inside!

Jen CYK Photography

Remember last year's EGG inspiration!!? Visit last year's Easter blog post for more free printables & ideas!

This Chia Himelli planter from my Christmas post would be fun to make for Easter, too! >>>

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet Valentines Day PRINTABLES!

Here's a fun Valentines Day treat to pass out to friends- a goodie bag full of all the things you need to make your own chocolate dipped pretzels. And don't forget the sprinkles!!!

Download the free printable stickers and instructions here.

Hope your holiday is super sweet!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Love for my Weepuls!

Make your own fuzzy Valentine friends!

You remember Weepuls, right!!?? If you forget, here is a refresher courtesy of Wikipedia.

They were a super awesome prize to win if you sold enough wrapping paper for your school fundraiser back in the 80's and 90's! I remember being so excited and obsessed to win one!!

We all LOVED them!! So I decided to use my abundance of pom poms to make some Weepuls as a Valentine gift for each of my daughter's preschool classmates. They even have sticky feet so you can attach them to walls, furniture, or your desktop computer! :)

I had way too much fun making these and the girls are going to have a very hard time letting go of this collection of cute fluffballs but I hope the little preschool kiddies will enjoy them even more than their piles of conversation hearts.

How cute is the blue elephant!?
Yes, that is a narwhal!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year 2014!

My home-curated New Year's crackers! These are filled with lots of confetti poppers to make up for it! Plus some lottery scratchers, mini firework snappers, & chocolate coins! A guaranteed good time for the whole family!
We all LOVE surprises- and you would never know that inside these yarn & crepe paper-covered balls are poppers and gift cards for the lucky recipients!
We all need a sparkly backdrop for photo ops!
Egg Shmashers to crack open on guests heads! :) Soooo worth the mess!

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