Monday, December 9, 2013

Free Printable Gift tags

Enjoy these FREE PRINTABLE GIFT TAGS to beautify your gift wrapping or even use them as a garland or an ornament to make your home or Christmas tree festive!

Cut out each one individually or cut 2 sections and fold in half to use as a gift tag. Hole punch at the top, and attach it to your presents with some twine or some sparkly yarn!

To make this in to an ornament, cut all around the outside of the artwork, then fold "accordian" style along each line of the artwork. Next, glue each segment together on the back and it will create a 5-point ornament. (see pic below) Hole punch at the top and hang it from your tree with yarn or ribbon or twine. I like to add tassels or puff balls at the ends to make it extra fancy!

Download the files here and start crafting!

A great color combo for wrapping- gold, blank, + white! Don't forget to add my printable gift tags, some pom poms, tassels, and somethin' sparkly!

Add a little surprise tissue paper fringe inside!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Ornaments & Gift ideas

Hello Himelli! Get the how-to video here. I added a copper-painted egg filled with Chia to mine! Instant planter!
Walnut shell photo frames- just add some trim around the edge of the shell and create a loop for hanging! Then add your favorite photo and maybe even a small banner with the year on it, and you'll have it for years to come! Here's one I made a few years back...

God's eye ornament! Love these! Get the how-to here.
Get your neon on!!!! This year, I've been a little craft happy.... My girls and I made lots of Perler bead ornaments and I made an icicle version as well! We also made some bright letter monograms with yarn and pom poms and my girls braided some bright yarn that I added to the tree to make it super colorful! And I got out the felt mistletoe I had made last year- still super cute! {link here} Hope this inspires you to add some color to your Christmas tree!
Here's a little gift for teacher or as a small gift for the party hostess!
These are recycled tea tins covered in old sweater sleeves and pistachio "flowers".
And every kid needs a pom pom sweater!! All you need is a hot glue gun and some colorful trim!
Ooooh! Create an indoor light display with some strands of lights and some big glass vases!

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