Thursday, June 27, 2013

4th of July Free Printables!

 *4th of July Free Printables are here!*

Perfect as treat toppers or wall decor. 
Use my printable circle punch designs for the center
or sprinkle on your party tables!

Print and cut out these 1 1/2" circles to add to the center of a 3" foil circle. Just use adhesive roller or tape to attach to the foil circle. Then, use scissors to create "fringe" along the outside of the circle, cutting towards the center. Attach to a rod or large toothpick, then add to your delicious 4th of July treats!

Interactive party sign decor.
Print an hang at your July 4th celebration!
Print this poster (Costco can print within 24 hours and can do 20x30 format for only $9!). Then attach to cardboard, foam, or cork board to allow guests to "pin" where they've been across the country. Even add small banners to extra long pins for guests to write their names and a brief description of what they did in that part of the county (like where they were born, went to college, vacationed, etc.) See if every state is "pinned" by the end of the day. This is a fun way to learn some new things about fellow guests as well as spark some great conversation!

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