Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What to do with all the fun party decor that
took hours and hours to create...?
Donate it for a good cause!

Part of my duties as a room mom for my 5-year-old's kindergarten class is to help create a "basket" to be auctioned off at her school's biggest fundraising event of the year. All of the money raised goes directly back to her school, so I offered my help in creating an "Ice Cream Social Birthday Party Pack". I knew we needed to add something special to help it sell- like the ice cream cart I had created for my daughter's birthday party, but I knew cardboard wasn't going to work! Luckily, fellow room mom, Trista, signed her husband up for the job of re-creating the cart with wood- complete with casters! He did an amazing job and even added wooden ice cream cone detail on the front! Then, I took on the task of painting it, making sure the colors coordinated with the party printables!
Check out the finished version of the ice cream cart as it was on display on auction night. It was literally overflowing with party goodies- everything you could ever need for an ice cream social (well, except for the ice cream!) Scroll down to see images of the cart in progress. A lot of time and love went in to creating this great auction item- it was the ultimate party package! I'm glad I was able to help raise money for a great cause. :)


The original version in this picture from Lulu's 3rd birthday party (click here for original post), was created with a large cardboard box, some cardboard cake circles for wheels, and a wrapping paper tube as a flagpole. I hot glued some crepe paper + printed signage to add color and to coordinate with the rest of the event. It was the perfect photo prop and the kids really enjoyed using it for pretend play, too!


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