Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We all need a felt Octopus!

My sister is a fan of octopus these days so I thought I decided to make her one as a Christmas gift. She appreciates anything I create (a proud big sis) so I dug in to my pile of craft stuff hidden in the closet and found some felt scraps and some quilting scraps the my sister had given me a while back.

I started with a photo of a real octopus and just started gettin crazy with the hot glue gun. I found the perfect buttons for the eyes and created eye sockets around them with the felt... For the "suckers" I used some frilly trim scraps I had bought at a garage sale to finish the look of the posable wire tentacles.

It was hard to give it away but I'll get to visit it and say hello whenever I see my sister!

{photos courtesy sister- Jennifer Swingle}

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