Friday, January 27, 2012

My other side proj- making planters!

This one is special to me since it came from my Grandma-in-law's house. My husband's grandmother Ruth lived in the same quaint house in Garden Grove while raising her 7 kids. She was married close to 70 years to her husband Herb and I am so inspired by their love for each other- even through Alzheimer's disease. They have an amazing family that I'm lucky to be a part of. So this planter was once a light fixture swagged on a chain from the ceiling of their Garden Grove home. It was a funny blue and white until I sprayed it with orange spray paint- my color of choice these days. I tucked some plants in to the holes and have yet to add a large plant to the opening in the top- maybe some day! Thank you, Grandma Ruth!

This was a $7 swap meet purchase. It's a fishing net that I thought would be cool as a planter- so here it is doing well after almost a year since I planted the succis (pronounced 'suck-eez').

Here's a bird bath that was given to me by my very sweet next door neighbor Billie! It sits near our tree trunk seating area. So beautiful with the flowers blooming!

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